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(Big) Data Curation, Pipelines, and Management 1GRA41II Course
Accounting, Valuation and Financial Economics 1GRA41EE Course
Advanced Corporate Finance GRA6541 Course
Advanced Macroeconomics GRA6634 Course
Advanced Macroeconomics I DRE7033 Course
Advanced Macroeconomics II DRE7034 Course
Advanced Microeconomics DRE4010 Course
Advanced Persuasive Communication: Managing in the 21st century GRA6813 Course
Advanced Regression and Classification Analysis, Ensemble Methods and Neural Networks 1GRA41HH Course
Advanced Statistics DRE7008 Course
Advanced Statistics and Alternative Data Types 1GRA41BB Course
Advances in Asset Pricing Theory DRE4021 Course
AI and Data Ethics EBA3520 Course
Analyses of Financial Data EXC3672 Course
Analytics for Strategic Management MAN5100 Course
Anvendt Makroøkonomi BST1612 Course
Anvendt mikroøkonomi ELE3729 Course
Anvendt retorikk PRK3515 Course
Anvendt økonomi for ledere - Bedrift og marked MAN5158 Course
Anvendt økonomi for ledere - Globale perspektiver MAN5159 Course
Anvendt økonomi og ledelse MAN5042 Course
Applied Business Ethics GRA6038 Course
Applied Data Analytics GRA4110 Course
Applied Finance GRA6540 Course
Applied Marketing Analytics MAN5146 Course
Applied Microeconomics GRA6612 Course
Applied Valuation GRA6538 Course
Applying Economic Analysis GRA4144 Course
Arbeids- og personaljus ORG3620 Course
Arbeidsrett JUR3613 Course
Arbeidsrett I BIK2930 Course
Arbeidsrett II BIK3406 Course
Artificial Intelligence - Technologies and Applications GRA4150 Course
Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms and Society GRA6811 Course
Asian Business Trends GRA8206 Course
Asian Business Trends MBA2407 Course
Asset Management GRA6555 Course
Asset Pricing Theory DRE4012 Course
Audit Theory GRA6242 Course
Auditing, theory and methodology GRA6219 Course
Avgiftsrett ELE3761 Course
Avgiftsrett, fordypning GRA6207 Course
Avsluttende oppgave. Executive Master of Management med spesialisering i skatte- og avgiftsrett MAN3072 Course
B2B Marketing GRA6444 Course
Bachelor Thesis in International Marketing EXP2400 Course
Bacheloroppgave - Anvendt makroøkonomi BTH1613 Course
Bacheloroppgave - Bedriftsutvikling for SMB BTH9743 Course
Bacheloroppgave - Digital kommunikasjon og markedsføring DIG3670 Course
Bacheloroppgave - Digital markedsføring BTH3211 Course
Bacheloroppgave - Entreprenørskap BTH3668 Course
Bacheloroppgave - Entreprenørskap ENT3670 Course
Bacheloroppgave - Forretningsutvikling og teknologi BTH1141 Course
Bacheloroppgave - Human Resource Management BTH1411 Course
Bacheloroppgave - International Business BTH2412 Course
Bacheloroppgave - Logistikkledelse / Supply Chain Management BTH1704 Course
Bacheloroppgave - Markedsføring BTH3630 Course
Bacheloroppgave - Merkevarestrategi BTH3116 Course
Bacheloroppgave - Prosjektledelse BTH2532 Course
Bacheloroppgave - Salgsledelse og personlig salg BTH3203 Course
Bacheloroppgave - Økonomi og administrasjon BTH3620 Course
Bacheloroppgave - Økonomistyring og investeringsanalyse BTH9503 Course
Bacheloroppgave i kampanjeplanlegging PRK3676 Course
Bacheloroppgave i kulturledelse KLS3685 Course
Bacheloroppgave i Retail Management VHL3660 Course
Barnehagen som lærende organisasjon MAN5143 Course
Basic Financial Management EXC2110 Course
Bayesian Econometrics DRE7014 Course
Bedriften HIS3410 Course
Bedriftsforsikring - skade FAK2623 Course
Bedriftsmarkedsføring, salg og forhandlinger MRK3502 Course
Bedriftsutvikling for SMB BST9742 Course
Bedriftsøkonomi og finans BOK3434 Course
Bedriftsøkonomisk analyse BOK3422 Course
Behavioral Economics GRA6667 Course
Behavioural Finance FIN3617 Course
Behavioural Foundations of Strategic Management GRA6831 Course
Brand Management GRA4145 Course
Branding MRK3564 Course
Branding ELE3777 Course
Business Analysis and Valuation GRA6235 Course
Business Analytics GRA8234 Course
Business and Professional Ethics ELE3710 Course
Business Communication - Culture and Ethics SPA2901 Course
Business Communication - Negotiations and Presentations SPA2902 Course
Business Cycles GRA6639 Course
Business Development & Innovation Management GRA6834 Course
Business Development and Anti-corruption in Africa 1GRA6YYY Course
Business Dynamics ELE3744 Course
Business Ethics in Practice GRA8265 Course
Business Ethics in Practice GRA8163 Course
Business in a Global Context GRA8245 Course
Business Models for Green Energy Transition GRA8514 Course
Business Models for the Sharing Economy MBA2418 Course
Business Optimisation GRA6227 Course
Business Simulation Analysis GRA4138 Course
Business Simulation and Global Governance MBA2416 Course
Business Strategy MBA2430 Course
Butikkledelse VHL3549 Course
Bærekraft i praksis MAN5193 Course
Bærekraft som konkurransefortrinn BIK2950 Course
Bærekraftig eventledelse KLS3402 Course
Bærekraftig finans BIK3120 Course
Bærekraftig markedsføring MRK3512 Course
Causal Inference with Big Data GRA6845 Course
Causality, Machine learning and Forecasting EBA3530 Course
CFA Research Challenge GRA6562 Course
Change Management GRA2425 Course
Cluster analysis for business ELE39X9 Course
Coaching selvledelse og emosjonell intelligens BIK2914 Course
Compliance, jus og etikk for forsikringsnæringen FAK2805 Course
Computational Methods GRA6561 Course
Consultancy Project GRA8512 Course
Consultancy Project GRA8242 Course
Consultancy Project for Business Analytics GRA4146 Course
Consulting MAN5106 Course
Consumer Behaviour ELE3767 Course
Consumer Research DRE2007 Course
Contemporary Topics in Organizational Behavior DRE6003 Course
Core Issues in Research Ethics DRE6007 Course
Corporate & Global Strategies GRA6833 Course
Corporate and Financial Risk Management EXC3673 Course
Corporate Branding and Storytelling GRA6III Course
Corporate Business Analytics MAN5163 Course
Corporate Finance GRA6514 Course
Corporate Finance GRA8268 Course
Corporate Finance GRA8198 Course
Corporate Finance EXC3671 Course
Corporate Finance MBA2394 Course
Corporate Finance Theory DRE7009 Course
Corporate Governance GRA6542 Course
Corporate Governance EXC3632 Course
Corporate Valuation GRA6220 Course
Corporate Value Creation, Sustainability and Social Welfare GRA65XX1 Course
Counselling GRA2237 Course
Course in Study Techniques FORK1004 Course
Creating and Leading Green Organizations MBAXXX1 Course
Creating Value through Global Organizations GRA8258 Course
Creativity and aesthetics in organizations ELE39X8 Course
Creativity in Individual Group and Organization GRA2236 Course
Credit Markets and Financial Crises GRA6546 Course
Crisis Management - Preparedness and Response GRA6848 Course
Crisis Management and Logistics MAN5124 Course
Critical Thinking, Argumentation and Manipulation GRA2266 Course
Cross Cultural Management MRK3550 Course
Cross Cultural Management ELE3769 Course
CSR, Innovation and Strategy for Sustainable Business GRA6837 Course
Current Issues in Logistics Operations and SCM GRA6722 Course
Customer Experience Management BIK2954 Course
Customer Value Analytics GRA6435 Course
Data Analysis in Python GRA6839 Course
Data Analysis with Programming EBA3500 Course
Data Analytics with Programming GRA6036 Course
Data driven management accounting EBA3630 Course
Data Management and Python Programming GRA4142 Course
Data protection and ethics in the modern business environment GRA4137 Course
Databases EBA3420 Course
Decision Optimasation using Excel EBA3610 Course
Decision Theory and System Dynamics GRA4135 Course
Decison Making & Value Optimization GRA8507 Course
Den digitale bedriften: teknologi og forretning i samspill ELE3780 Course
Den digitale endringsagenten BIK2949 Course
Derivatives GRA6535 Course
Design av interaktive apper DIG3600 Course
Design Thinking for Digital Development GRA8257 Course
Design Thinking for Digital Development MBA2437 Course
Developing and Managing Digital Organizations GRA8231 Course
Developing the Entrepreneurial Mindset GRA3161 Course
Digital Business Models GRA8301 Course
Digital forretningsforståelse BIK2941 Course
Digital Innovation Management GRA6JJJ Course
Digital kommunikasjonsledelse MAN5057 Course
Digital ledelse og strategi BIK3053 Course
Digital makt og avmakt DIG3520 Course
Digital markedsføring BST3210 Course
Digital Methods and Transformation – Applied Social Network Analysis. Summer Course GRA6847 Course
Digital sikkerhet for ledere MAN5166 Course
Digital transformasjon og innovasjon DIG3400 Course
Digital Value Creation EDIXXX2 Course
Digitale data og metoder DIG3620 Course
Digitale verktøy og finansiell analyse FIN3400 Course
Digitalisering og ledelse MAN5177 Course
Digitalisering og teknologi i kreativ næring KLS3501 Course
Digitalisering, innovasjon og forretningsmodeller MAN5024 Course
Digitalization in Practice: Digital Technology and Business Transformation MBA2439 Course
Distribusjon MRK35XY Course
Distribution and Logistics Service Providers GRA6718 Course
Doing Business in China GRA6838 Course
Doing Business in Norway GRA6812 Course
Doing Digital Business GRA6843 Course
Doing Sustainable Business in Africa GRA6846 Course
DRE XX55 Introduction to Bayesian Econometrics DRE7030 Course
Dynamic Marketing Models DRE2012 Course
E-handel: kommunikasjon og analyse DIG36X1 Course
Econometrics with Programming GRA6039 Course
Economic and Organisational Foundations of Strategic Management GRA6830 Course
Economic Psychology GRA2245 Course
Economic theory GRA6626 Course
Economics for Finance GRA6516 Course
Effektive team - Innflytelse gjennom ledelse BIK2926 Course
Eiendomsmegling I EMS3525 Course
Eiendomsmegling II EMS3666 Course
Eiendomsmegling III EMS3623 Course
Eiendomsutvikling EMS3670 Course
Empirical Asset Pricing DRE4011 Course
Empirical Industrial Organization GRA6668 Course
Endringsledelse MAN5006 Course
Endringsledelse team og coaching ORG2800 Course
Energy & the Society GRA8502 Course
Energy Company Strategies GRA8214 Course
Energy Economics and Geopolitics GRA8501 Course
Energy Governance, Law, Policy & Regulations GRA8513 Course
Energy in Green Transition: Markets, Policies and Business Innovation GRA6841 Course
Energy in Green Transition: Markets, Policies and Business Innovation 1GRA68XX Course
Energy Transition in a Carbon Constrained World GRA8506 Course
Entrepreneurship and Business Development (EntBev) GRA3166 Course
Entrepreneurship and Green Business Innovations GRA8247 Course
Entrepreneurship and Green Business Innovations MBA2440 Course
Entrepreneurship and Innovation Perspectives DRE3008 Course
Entrepreneurship in action ENT3679 Course
Entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley and Beyond MBA2415 Course
Environmental Economics GRA6665 Course
ESG Risks, Reporting and Regulation GRA6566 Course
Ethics and Sustainability in Finance GRA6556 Course
Ethics, governance and responsibility for Auditors GRA6229 Course
EU and EEA Law in Practice 1GRA62MM Course
EU and Latin American Business Trends MBA2408 Course
EU and Latin American Business Trends (2015/2016) GRA8204 Course
Excel VBA programming and automation ELE39X15 Course
Experimental Economics DRE7012 Course
Experimental Economics I DRE7042 Course
Experimental Economics II DRE7043 Course
Factor Models in Macroeconomics DRE7024 Course
Fiansregnskap og regnskapsanalyse BOK3532 Course
Filmbransjen: strategisk og økonomisk analyse KLS3630 Course
Financial Accounting MBA2395 Course
Financial Accounting GRA8222 Course
Financial Accounting and Analysis GRA6239 Course
Financial Accounting and Taxation GRA6238 Course
Financial Accounting Theory GRA6211 Course
Financial bubbles crashes and crises ELE3732 Course
Financial Decision making with Excel FIN3616 Course
Financial Econometrics FIN3618 Course
Financial Investment Analysis FIN3523 Course
Financial Management GRA6025 Course
Financial Markets FIN3522 Course
Financial Markets and Institutions EXC3670 Course
Financial Reporting and Analysis EXC3452 Course
Financial Reporting, Advanced GRA6221 Course
Financial Reporting, general issues GRA6226 Course
Financial Risk Management GRA6513 Course
Financial Statement Analysis FIN3516 Course
Financial Statement Analysis GRA6225 Course
Financial technology EBA3600 Course
Financing Entrepreneurial and Corporate Ventures GRA3163 Course
Finans BOK3423 Course
Finans I BOK1121 Course
Finans II BOK1322 Course
Finansiell analyse og verdsettelse ELE3750 Course
Finansiell og politisk risiko i internasjonal handel GRA6284 Course
Finansiell strategi MAN5000 Course
Finansiell styring BOK3632 Course
Finansiering av bedrifter FIN3521 Course
Finansiering, pant og garantier GRA6290 Course
Finansregnskap ELE3735 Course
Finansregnskap BOK3647 Course
Fintech GRA6559 Course
Fixed Income Securities GRA6539 Course
Forbrukeradferd med fordypning i merkevareledelse innen varehandelen BIN3013 Course
Forbrukeratferd MRK3480 Course
Forbrukeratferd med fordypning i merkevareledelse innen varehandelen BIN3279 Course
Forecasts & Future of The Energy Sector - Impact on Business & Management GRA8516 Course
Forhandling og forhandlingsteknikk BIK1401 Course
Forkurs i grunnleggende bedriftsøkonomi og regnskap FORK1008 Course
Forretningsjus JUR3420 Course
Forretningsutvikling og teknologi BST1140 Course
Forsikringsmeglerrollen – marin og energi, reassuranse og rammebetingelser FAK2638 Course
Fortolkende metode og effektiv skriftlig kommunikasjon ELE39X18 Course
Foundations in Strategy,Entrepreneurship and Innovation DRE3004 Course
Foundations of Innovation and Corporate Entrepreneurship GRA3151 Course
Fundamentals of Energy Management GRA8178 Course
Fundamentals of Quantitative Finance GRA6518 Course
Game Theory GRA6664 Course
Global Business in Asia: A Focus on China GRA8248 Course
Global Politics: International Political Economy and World Trade GRA5914 Course
Global Strategies for Emerging Markets ELE3768 Course
Global Strategies in Ocean Industries GRA8205 Course
Global sustainability: climate, environment and poverty ELE39X10 Course
Global Sustainable Development GRA6567 Course
Governance of Complex Energy Projects GRA8508 Course
Governance; Risikostyring, compliance og internrevisjon MAN5015 Course
Green Growth in the Energy Sector GRA8187 Course
Groups and Teams: Dynamics and Effectiveness GRA2427 Course
Grunnleggende bedriftsøkonomi BIK2911 Course
Grunnleggende bokføring og finansregnskap GRA100X Course
Grunnstudiet - Ferdigheter i helseledelse BMP2410 Course
Gruppepsykologi ORG3500 Course
Grønn Vekst og konkurransekraft MAN5075 Course
Hands-On Heterogeneous Agent Macroeconomics DRE7029 Course
Helse, miljø og sikkerhet (HMS) MAN5066 Course
Helse, miljø og sikkerhet (HMS) BIK2942 Course
Helseledelse MAN5118 Course
High Performance Change Management for Sustainability Transformation GRA8250 Course
Horisont – Topplederprogram i Veidekke LUS1006 Course
HR-ledelse ORG3540 Course
Human Resource Management MAN5109 Course
Human Resource Management MBA2434 Course
Human Resource Management BST1410 Course
Human Resource Management GRA2257 Course
Human Resource Management DRE6002 Course
Human Resource Management MBA2398 Course
Human Resource Management GRA8263 Course
Human Resource Management BMP2303 Course
Human-Computer Interaction GRA6KKK Course
Human-Human Interaction GRA6FFF Course
Idea Work and organizational creativity MBA2414 Course
Identitet og merkevarebygging MAN5060 Course
Incentives, Wages and Labor Markets GRA6650 Course
Industrial Economics GRA1305 Course
Innføring i forsikringsjuridiske fag FAK2628 Course
Innføring i mikroøkonomisk analyse for rettsøkonomi GRA100Y Course
Innovasjon MRK36XX Course
Innovasjon og forretningsutvikling BIN3079 Course
Innovasjon og organisering i helsetjenesten BMP2900 Course
Innovasjon og strategi for ledere i SMB BIN2804 Course
Innovation and Entrepreneurship GRA8243 Course
Innovation and Entrepreneurship ELE3701 Course
Innovation and Entrepreneurship MBA2442 Course
Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Sustainability DRE5017 Course
Innovation Strategy and Technological Change ELE3763 Course
Innovative pris og produktutviklingsstrategier MRK3511 Course
Innsiktsdrevet kommunikasjon PRK3662 Course
Integrated marketing communications and creativity MRK35XX Course
Integrert markedskommunikasjon PRK3514 Course
Intercultural Management GRA8167 Course
Intercultural Marketing and Management: A Scandinavian Perspective EXC2903 Course
Internasjonal skatterett MAN2920-2921 Course
Internasjonalt entreprenørskap ENT3604 Course
International Business BST2412 Course
International Business MBA2400 Course
International Business Environment EXC3631 Course
International Commercial Law EXC2121 Course
International Corporate Finance GRA6292 Course
International Economics EXC3603 Course
International Economics GRA6649 Course
International Entrepreneurship GRA3115 Course
International Finance EXC3611 Course
International Finance GRA6552 Course
International Financial Management FIN3524 Course
International internship ELE3657 Course
International Macroeconomics GRA8164 Course
International Macroeconomics and Finance GRA6666 Course
International Maritime Law NSA2511 Course
International Marketing EXC3602 Course
Internprising MAN3038-3039 Course
Internrevisjon GRA6230 Course
Internship ELE3637 Course
Internship (engelsk versjon) ELE3647 Course
Internship for Business Analytics GRA4147 Course
Internship for Master i forretningsjus og økonomi GRA6287 Course
Internship i egen oppstartsbedrift ELE3667 Course
Interorganizational Relationships DRE2009 Course
Interorganizational Strategies GRA6832 Course
Intra/Entrepreneurship and New Wealth Creation MBA2417 Course
Introduction to Capital-Markets Research in Accounting DRE4018 Course
Introduction to econometric theory and mathematical statistics ELE39X16 Course
Introduction to quantitative finance ELE39X11 Course
Introduction to stocastic processes ELE39X17 Course
Introductory Data Science GRA6445 Course
Introductory Multivariate Data Analysis GRA2265 Course
Introduksjon til entreprenørskap ENT3400 Course
Introduksjon til Retail Management VHL3404 Course
Investment Analysis EXC3612 Course
Investments GRA6534 Course
Judgment and Decision Making in Organizations GRA2204 Course
Juridisk metode og kontraktsrett JUR3516 Course
Juridisk metode og rettsøkonomi GRA6281 Course
Juridisk metode, internasjonalisering og etikk 1GRA62LL Course
Jus for eiendomsmeglere I EMS3521 Course
Jus for eiendomsmeglere II EMS3524 Course
Jus for eiendomsmeglere III EMS3642 Course
Jus for kreative næringer KLS3644 Course
Jus for revisorer GRA6209 Course
Jus for skoleledere MAN5131 Course
Jus II JUR3517 Course
Jus III JUR3608 Course
Jus og eiendomsmegling EMS3416 Course
Jus og forhandlinger VHL3665 Course
Juss for ledere MAN5186 Course
Kapitalmarkedsfinansiering GRA6285 Course
Kjøpesenterledelse VHL3550 Course
KLS 3401 Live-bransjene KLS3401 Course
Kommersielle kontrakter 1GRA62PP Course
Kommunikasjon for ledere og organisasjoner ORG3641 Course
Kommunikasjon i politiske og offentlige rom ELE3778 Course
Kommunikasjon i sanntid DIG3500 Course
Kommunikasjon og engasjement DIG3420 Course
Kompetanseledelse og læringskultur BIK2939 Course
Kontrakter, forhandlinger og kontraktledelse GRA6286 Course
Kontraktsrett 1GRA62AA Course
Kredittvurdering ELE3770 Course
Kredittvurdering bedrift SFU2999 Course
Kulturforståelse og etikk i sikkerhetsledelse MAN5125 Course
Kundemøte VHL3682 Course
Kunst og designbransjene KLS3561 Course
Kurs i studiestrategier - smarte måter å studere på FORK0301 Course
Labour Law and Labour Economics GRA6294 Course
Leadership GRA8159 Course
Leadership analytics of the energy sector for the future GRA8515 Course
Leadership Development MBA2399 Course
Leadership in Action - avsluttende Bachelorprogram i ledelse ORG2000 Course
Leadership in Organizations GRA2239 Course
Leading and Organizing Digitally GRA8256 Course
Leading and Organizing Digitally MBA2441 Course
Leading in Digitized Workplaces MAN5147 Course
Lecture series on Oil Markets and the Macro Economy DRE7011 Course
Ledelse av film TV og scene-produksjon BMP2903 Course
Ledelse av kunst og kreativ næring KLS3400 Course
Ledelse av læring og endring I MAN5137 Course
Ledelse av læring og endring II MAN5140 Course
Ledelse av lærings- og læreplanarbeid MAN5183 Course
Ledelse av utvikling og endringsarbeid MAN5180 Course
Ledelse i små- og mellomstore virksomheter BIN2803 Course
Ledelse i teori og praksis BIK2945 Course
Ledelse og innflytelse ORG3610 Course
Ledelse og styrearbeid i SMB ENT3673 Course
Ledelse og verdivurdering i oppstartsbedrifter ENT3610 Course
Ledelse og økonomisk kriminalitet ELE3724 Course
Ledelse under konstant endring BIK2958 Course
Ledelse; makt og mening MAN5021 Course
Lederkurs for allmennleger SMC1001 Course
Lederskap og omstilling i skolen MAN5148 Course
Lederskap og omstilling i skolen BIN3164 Course
Ledertrening personlig utvikling og coaching ELE3745 Course
Lederutdanning for pedagogiske ledere i barnehager BIN3080 Course
Legal Tech GRA6288 Course
Lev vel BIK3122 Course
Logistics and Marketing Channels ELE3715 Course
Logistikk MAD1214 Course
Logistikk for varehandelen VHL3551 Course
Logistikk og Markedsføringskanaler BIK2902 Course
Logistikk og markedsføringskanaler MRK3520 Course
Logistikkledelse - Supply Chain Management BST1703 Course
Longitudinal Structural Equation Modeling DREXXX1 Course
Luxury Brand Management MBA2438 Course
Machine Learning GRA8259 Course
Machine learning for business using R ELE39X12 Course
Macroeconomic Policy GRA6631 Course
Macroeconomics EXC3525 Course
Makroøkonomi for økonomer SOK3525 Course
Makroøkonomi I SOK1201 Course
Makroøkonomi II SOK1366 Course
MAN5153 Global Strategy & Entrepreneurship MAN5153 Course
Management Accounting GRA8199 Course
Management Control GRA6232 Course
Management Control GRA8050 Course
Managerial Accounting EXC3442 Course
Managerial Economics GRA8066 Course
Managerial Economics and Decision Making MBA2393 Course
Managing Customer Experience MAN5191 Course
Managing for Excellence - Generative Practices GRA2261 Course
Managing International Operations EXC3630 Course
Managing Knowledge Work Creativity and Innovation GRA2207 Course
Managing Workplace Diversity GRA2246 Course
Marine Insurance NSA2510 Course
Marked kriser og miljø ELE3742 Course
Markedsføringsledelse MRK3414 Course
Markedskommunikasjon 3.0 MRK3433 Course
Markedsorientert forretningsstrategi MAN5160 Course
Markedsorientert produktutvikling BIK2948 Course
Markedsrett og etikk JUR3631 Course
Market Microstructure DRE4015 Course
Marketing GRA8197 Course
Marketing Analytics MRK35XZ Course
Marketing Analytics GRA4139 Course
Marketing Analytics EBA3640 Course
Marketing and the Analysis of Experiments and Quasi-experiments 1GRA41FF Course
Marketing for a Better World GRA6446 Course
Marketing Management EXC3415 Course
Marketing Management MBA2392 Course
Marketing Models DRE2011 Course
Marketing Research GRA6437 Course
Masteroppgave i regnskap og revisjon GRA1960 Course
Masteroppgave i regnskap og revisjon - studenter tatt opp 2009 og senere GRA1920 Course
Masteroppgave i sikkerhetsledelse og kulturforståelse MAN3177 Course
Matematikk MET1180 Course
Matematikk for økonomer MET2910 Course
Matematikk valgfag ELE3719 Course
Matematisk analyse ELE3776 Course
Mathematics EXC2910 Course
Mathematics GRA6035 Course
Mathematics Ph.D. DRE7017 Course
Mathematics - Elective ELE3781 Course
Mathematics for Business Analytics EBA2910 Course
Media Economics ELE3718 Course
Merkevarestrategi BST3115 Course
Merverdiavgift I - grunnleggende emner og EU Mva MAN2922-2923 Course
Merverdiavgift II - utdypende emner MAN2969-2970 Course
Methodology for communication and digitalization research GRA6HHH Course
Metode og markedsinnsikt MET2123 Course
Metode og statistisk dataanalyse MET3590 Course
Metodekurs for MSc in Business major Business Law Tax and Accounting GRA6278 Course
Microeconomics GRA6031 Course
Microeconomics EXC3520 Course
Microeconomics, Business Strategy and Management 1GRA41DD Course
Mikroøkonomi SOK3520 Course
Mikroøkonomi I SOK1101 Course
Mikroøkonomi II SOK1344 Course
Money, Central banks, and Financial markets DRE4020 Course
Motivasjon og stress ORG3410 Course
Motivational Science―Creating Work Motivation and Motivating Work Environments GRA22YY Course
Multinational Corporate Finance GRA6544 Course
Multinational Corporations - Law, Tax and Company Structures GRA6237 Course
Multinational Financial Management MBA2423 Course
Multisensory experiences EXC3675 Course
Muntlig eksamen for eiendomsmeglerstudiet EMS3618 Course
Musikkbransjen KLS3636 Course
Nasjonal lederutdanning for styrere i barnehager MAN5133 Course
Navigating the Long-Term Future, while Accounting for Today’s Performance GRA8249 Course
Negotiating Mutually Beneficial Contracts 1GRA62AB Course
Negotiation and International Networks GRA3112 Course
Negotiation Mastery: Essential Strategies and Skills for International Negotiation GRA6842 Course
New Product Development and Service Innovation GRA6428 Course
New Venture Bootcamp GRA3162 Course
New Venture Creation GRA3136 Course
Norwegian Culture and History - An Introduction EXC2901 Course
Numerical Methods in Finance and Economics DRE4017 Course
Numerical Methods in Python with Applications GRA6670 Course
Næringsutvikling, innovasjon og kompetanseutvikling BIN3012 Course
Object Oriented Programming with Python 1GRA41AA Course
Oil Prices and the Macroeconomy GRA8221 Course
Operational Management MBA2396 Course
Operations 1 GRA6753 Course
Operations 2 GRA6754 Course
Operations Management GRA8302 Course
Oppgjør av av eiendomshandler EMS3651 Course
Oppkjøp og fusjoner GRA6291 Course
Oppstart av bedrift ENT3501 Course
Oppstart av bedrift i kreativ næring KLS3553 Course
Oppstart av bedrift II ENT3504 Course
Options and Futures FIN3621 Course
Organisasjonsteori ORG3430 Course
Organisasjonsteori og HRM ORG1211 Course
Organisasjonsutvikling og endring BIK2917 Course
Organisation Science DRE6004 Course
Organisational Behavior and Entrepreneurial Leadership GRA3164 Course
Organisational Management and Control MBA2391 Course
Organisering for det uventede MAN5126 Course
Organization and Change ELE3716 Course
Organization Science GRA6026 Course
Organizational Behaviour GRA2205 Course
Organizational Behaviour (2015/2016) GRA8162 Course
Organizational Behaviour and Management EXC2953 Course
Organizing the Shipowning Entity NSA2512 Course
Panel Data/ Microeconometrics DRE7006 Course
Panterett, konkurs og restrukturering GRA7050 Course
Pedagogisk ledelse og læringsmiljø i barnehagen MAN5167 Course
People analytics ORG3630 Course
People insights ORG3650 Course
People Management: Creating Value Through People GRA8233 Course
Performative communication and persuation ELE39X4 Course
Personal Development Programme GRA8260 Course
Personal- og arbeidsjus MAN5009 Course
Personalledelse BIK2003 Course
Personalledelse ELE3714 Course
Personlig økonomi ELE3743 Course
Personlighet, individuelle forskjeller og seleksjon ORG3520 Course
Personvern og GDPR BIK3000 Course
Persuasion and Dialogue for Leaders ELE3706 Course
Persuasion and Power in Organizations GRA2423 Course
Pitching, Persuasion and Communication Skills GRA3114 Course
Politisk økonomi MRK3544 Course
Port Management EXC3652 Course
Portfolio Management GRA6531 Course
PR - teorier og strategier PRK3506 Course
PR-ledelse og strategisk kommunikasjon MAN5045 Course
Praksisplass for master i ledelse og organisasjonspsykologi GRA2206 Course
Praksisplass for master i strategisk markedsføringsledelse GRA6442 Course
Praktisk økonomi og virksomhetsstyring BOK3551 Course
Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning GRA4136 Course
Preparatory course for MSc in Business FORK1003 Course
Preparatory Course in Accounting FORK1006 Course
Preparatory Course in Elementary Statistics FORK1002 Course
Preparatory course in Mathematics MSc FORK1005 Course
Prestasjoner i organisasjoner MAN5054 Course
Prestasjonsledelse BMP2700 Course
Pricing Strategies: Measuring Capturing and Retaining Value GRA6420 Course
Prisbeslutninger ELE39X3 Course
Problemløsning, beslutninger og kreativitet ORG3530 Course
Product and Price Strategy ELE3775 Course
Programming and Data Management EDIXXX1 Course
Programming, data extraction and visualisation EBA3400 Course
Project and Change Management MBA2397 Course
Project Evaluation Financing and Risk Management GRA8517 Course
Project Management ELE3709 Course
Project Management GRA2416 Course
Project Management 1 BIK6700 Course
Prosjektledelse MAN5027 Course
Prosjektledelse BMP2315 Course
Prosjektledelse ELE3725 Course
Prosjektledelse BST2531 Course
Prosjektledelse 1 BIK6600 Course
Prosjektledelse 2 BIK6601 Course
Prosjektledelse 3 BIK6510 Course
Psychological Measurement and Individual Differences GRA2203 Course
Psykologi, organisasjon og ledelse ORG3402 Course
Purchasing ELE3771 Course
Purchasing and supply management GRA6717 Course
Påvirkning og makt i lederrollen MAN5039 Course
Påvirkning og overtalelse PRK3508 Course
Qualitative Methods: Data and Analysis DRE1010 Course
Quantitative Economics EBA3650 Course
Quantitative Methods for Finance GRA6515 Course
Quantitative Research Methods: Multivariate Statistics DRE1011 Course
Quantitative Risk and Asset Management GRA6551 Course
Reading course DRE1013 Course
Reading course DRE1016 Course
Reading course DRE1017 Course
Reading course: Sectoral Reallocation and the Norwegian Economy DRE7036 Course
Real Estate Finance ELE3736 Course
Recruitment Training and Development GRA2235 Course
Regional Business Contexts: EU and Latin America GRA8253 Course
Regnskap og budsjettering i offentlig sektor REV3602 Course
Regnskap, skatt og avgift GRA6282 Course
Regnskapsførerskikk og etikk JUR3624 Course
Regnskapsorganisasjon og IT BOK3628 Course
Reklame og testing ELE3764 Course
Rekruttering intervjuteknikker og nyansattes læringsprosesser BIK2908 Course
Relationship and Knowledge Management MBA2433 Course
Reputation and Corporate Communication ELE3705 Course
Research Design and Methodological Choices DRE1012 Course
Research Ethics DRE7021 Course
Research Methodology - Economics GRA6648 Course
Research Methodology - Marketing GRA6438 Course
Research Methodology for Entrepreneurship and Innovation GRA3167 Course
Research Methodology for Logistics, Operations, and Supply Chain Management GRA6721 Course
Research Methodology for Organisational Behaviour GRA2243 Course
Research Methodology for Strategy GRA6836 Course
Research Methodology in Finance GRA6547 Course
Research Methods and Econometrics EXC3506 Course
Research Methods for Master of Accounting and Auditing GRA6228 Course
Research on individual differences in organizations DRE6006 Course
Research on Leadership DRE6001 Course
Research Project for Business Analytics GRA4148 Course
Research Proposal Course GRA6439 Course
Research Seminar in Economics DRE7022 Course
Restrukturering og konkurs GRA6289 Course
Retorikk kommunikasjon og ledelse BMP2500 Course
Retorikk - kunsten å overbevise i tale og tekst BIK2913 Course
Rettslære for regnskapsførere JUR3641 Course
Rettslære for revisorer REV3677 Course
Revisjon REV3617 Course
Revisjon, videregående emner GRA6279 Course
Risk Management FAK2602 Course
Risk Management GRA6545 Course
Risk Management in Banks GRA6241 Course
Salgsledelse og personlig salg BST3202 Course
Samfunnsøkonomi SOK3442 Course
Samfunnsøkonomi II ELE37X1 Course
Samspill og ledelse; anvendt organisasjonspsykologi MAN5069 Course
Selskaps- og næringsbeskatning MAN2912-2913 Course
Selskapsrett 1GRA62OO Course
Selskapsrett GRA6218 Course
Selskapsrett og finans GRA6283 Course
Selvevaluering og strategisk utvikling av egen skole MAN5174 Course
Selvevaluering og strategisk utvikling av egen skole MAN5128 Course
Seminar in Marketing Strategy DRE2010 Course
Service Marketing ELE3773 Course
Service Marketing GRA6419 Course
Service og innovasjon MRK3633 Course
Shipping Finance EXC3651 Course
Shipping Management NSA2521 Course
Sikkerhetsledelse BMP2915 Course
Sikkerhetsledelse og konflikthåndtering MAN5121 Course
Sirkulær økonomi og konkurransekraft BIK3100 Course
Skatt og avgift JUR3601 Course
Skatt- og avgiftsrett, basis GRA6222 Course
Skatte- og avgiftsrett JUR3677 Course
Skatterett 1GRA62NN Course
Skatterett REV3614 Course
Skatterett, fordypning GRA6208 Course
Skrivetrening for PR og markedskommunikasjon PRK3661 Course
SMB Verktøykasse BIK2952 Course
Social Entrepreneurship ELE3702 Course
Social media and society ELE39X5 Course
Social Networks and Communities ELE3766 Course
Sosiale medier og nettverk ELE3707 Course
Start-Up Development GRA3113 Course
Statistics EXC2904 Course
Statistics with Programming EBA2904 Course
Statistikk MET1190 Course
Statistikk MET3431 Course
Statistikk for økonomer MET2920 Course
Stochastic Calculus for Finance GRA6550 Course
Storytelling for business practices ELE39X6 Course
Storytelling som taktisk verktøy MAN5190 Course
Strafferett - spesiell del 1GRA62RR Course
Strafferett og økonomisk kriminalitet ELE3704 Course
Strafferett – alminnelig del 1GRA62SS Course
Strategi STR3605 Course
Strategi I STR1301 Course
Strategi i praksis BIK2951 Course
Strategi II STR1320 Course
Strategi og nye forretningsmodeller VHL3664 Course
Strategic Asset Allocation GRA6560 Course
Strategic Communication Management GRA6GGG Course
Strategic Insight from Machine Learning MBA2435 Course
Strategic Management GRA2411 Course
Strategic Management Accounting EXC2122 Course
Strategic Management for Business Control GRA6240 Course
Strategic Marketing Issues GRA6409 Course
Strategic Risk Analysis GRA6231 Course
Strategic Technology and Innovation Management MBA2413 Course
Strategic transformation of corporations MBA2401 Course
Strategies for Industrial Competitiveness GRA6829 Course
Strategisk endringsledelse i utdanningssektoren MAN5132 Course
Strategisk forretningsutvikling og innovasjon MAN5112 Course
Strategisk ledelse MAN5051 Course
Strategisk ledelse og organisering for samarbeid i helsetjenesten MAN5170 Course
Strategisk medieplanlegging PRK3663 Course
Strategisk økonomistryring BOK3651 Course
Strategy EXC3505 Course
Strategy Analysis GRA8168 Course
Strategy and Entrepreneurship Analytics GRA3117 Course
Strategy III - Fields of Strategy DRE3003 Course
Strategy Perspectives DRE3002 Course
Strategy Process GRA8169 Course
Strategy Process GRA8246 Course
Stress and Productivity in Organizations GRA2231 Course
Stress, motivasjon og selvledelse BIK2955 Course
Structural writing and communication ELE39X7 Course
Styrekompetanse I BIK2940 Course
Styreutvikling, innovasjonsledelse og samfunnsansvar BIK2943 Course
Styring, risikohåndtering og compliance GRA6293 Course
Succeeding with Sustainable Growth MBAXXX2 Course
Succeeding with Sustainable Growth (2021/2022) GRA8264 Course
Supply Chain Analytics GRA4141 Course
Supply Chain Management EXC3650 Course
Supply Chain Management GRA6714 Course
Supply Chain Management GRA8173 Course
Supply Chain Optimization with Mathematical Programming 1GRA41CC Course
Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) in Project-Based Industries GRA6723 Course
Sustainable People Management MAN5173 Course
Sustainable Strategy and Circular Economy GRA6849 Course
Sustainable Value Creation in Global Organisations GRA8262 Course
Tactical Marketing ELE3746 Course
Tax Law, Advanced GRA6236 Course
Teamledelse MAN5018 Course
Technology Management and Disruptive Innovations GRA8175 Course
Terrorisme og terrorbekjempelse MAN5127 Course
The (hi)stories multinational companies tell EXC3674 Course
The art of storytelling for business practices EXC3676 Course
The Challenge of Sustainable Global Growth GRA8261 Course
The Challenge of Transformation to Sustainable Growth GRA8244 Course
The Crowd, The Cloud, and Sustainable Innovation GRA3165 Course
The Digital Platform - Strategy, Structure and Content GRA3116 Course
The Firm - Introduction Course EXC3410 Course
The Gas & Power Business GRA8193 Course
The Gas & Power Business GRA8519 Course
The Gas & Power Business GRA8504 Course
The Management of Projects GRA8170 Course
The Oil Fundamentals GRA8503 Course
The Oil Fundamentals GRA8518 Course
The Oil Fundamentals GRA8192 Course
The Practicing Strategist GRA6835 Course
The State and the Market: Core Concepts in Political Economy GRA5916 Course
The Sustainable Career: Burnout, Boundaries, and Balance in Business EXC3677 Course
Theoretical Industrial Organization GRA6669 Course
Theories and Methods in Marketing Communication GRA6433 Course
Thesis MBA2420 Course
Tilstedeværende ledelse - i en digital tid MAN5157 Course
Time Series Econometrics DRE7002 Course
Topics in Asset Pricing DRE7015 Course
Topics in Corporate Finance DRE7016 Course
Topics in Digital Marketing Topics in Digital Marketing GRA6443 Course
Topics in Macroeconomic Dynamics DRE7023 Course
Topics in Macroeconomics DRE7004 Course
Topics in Macroeconomics I DRE7040 Course
Topics in Macroeconomics II DRE7041 Course
Topics in Microeconomics I DRE7031 Course
Topics in Microeconomics II DRE7032 Course
Topics in Search Theory DRE7005 Course
Topics in Search Theory I DRE7044 Course
Topics in Search Theory II DRE7045 Course
Transaksjoner og omorganiseringer MAN2971-2972 Course
Treasury Management GRA6233 Course
Trends, Cycles, and Signal Extraction from a Macroeconomic Perspective 1GRA41GG Course
Tvisteløsning i sivile saker og straffeprosess 1GRA62QQ Course
Underholdningsbransjene KLS3570 Course
Understanding Cultures and Markets MRK3534 Course
Understanding the Consumer: Current Limitations and Future Directions of Theory and Method GRA2418 Course
Underwriting FAK2326 Course
User-driven Marketing Innovations GRA6440 Course
Utviklende og motiverende lederskap BIK3705 Course
Utviklingsorientert ledelse BLU3913 Course
Valuation GRA6223 Course
Value Added Analytics GRA4149 Course
Value Creation in Business Markets GRA8255 Course
Value Creation in Business Markets GRA8232 Course
Value Creation in the Global Energy Ecosystem (2022/2023) GRAXXX3 Course
Vekststrategi for oppstartsbedrifter ENT3503 Course
Verdipapirrett ELE3772 Course
Verdiskapende rådgivning EMS3630 Course
Videregående finansregnskap og regnskapsteori REV3571 Course
Visualisations and Network Theory GRA4143 Course
Ytringsklima og ledelse MAN5189 Course
Årsregnskap / Internasjonal finansiell rapporteringsstandard (IFRS) REV3625 Course
Økonometri MET1333 Course
Økonomi for beslutningstakere MAN5003 Course
Økonomi og virksomhetsstyring BOK3541 Course
Økonomi- og forretningsforståelse BIK2953 Course
Økonomistyring BOK1113 Course
Økonomistyring i varehandel BIN9929 Course
Økonomistyring og investeringsanalyse BST9502 Course
Økonomistyring og lean i varehandelen VHL3559 Course
Økonomistyring og salg i varehandel BIN9829 Course

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